Huma Musarrat Khan.
Learning at the Workplace: the Call of the Day.
J Islamabad Med Dent Coll Jan ;7(4):309-11.

In the present era of modern medical education, the clinicians are realizing the importance and role of workplace learning as compared to the formal classroom teaching. However, multiple practical challenges hamper the process and prevent the optimization of this type of learning. The author has tried to identify the issues and provide suggestions as how all members of the learning team can be prepared to optimize this learning situation. This team includes the student, the tutor, the patient, and an inductive learning environment. The student and tutor should equip themselves with necessary skills and knowledge by reviewing the subject before approaching the patient. The patient should be taken into confidence as their consent, is important. Lastly, the educational environment in the ward should be modified to facilitate learning.Key Words: Learning environment, Medical education, Workplace learningAddress

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