Sadaf Raffat Mustafa.
Comparison of 3% Ciprofloxacin-1% Dexamethasone and 10% Ichthammol Glycerin for Control of Pain due to Acute Otitis Externa.
J Islamabad Med Dent Coll Jan ;7(4):260-4.

Objective: To compare the efficacy of 10% Icthammol glycerin and 3% ciprofloxacin-1% Dexamethasone for controlling pain associated with acute otitis externa.Patients and Methods: This cross-sectional study conducted at the ENT department of Railway Hospital, Rawalpindi from 1st March to 1st December 2017. Sixty (n=60) patients of both gender between age 12-60 years, diagnosed with moderate to severe acute otitis externa were enrolled and were randomly divided into two groups using lottery method. Group A patients were administered 3% ciprofloxacin-1% Dexamethasone wick in auditory canal and Group B patients were administered 10% Icthammol Glycerin wick. The treatment was considered efficacious if there was marked reduction in pain (pain score decreased to ≤ 4 points from baseline on Visual Analog Score on day 3).Results: Baseline characteristics were similar in both groups. Mean VAS was 6.67 ± 1.18SD in group A and 6.57 ± 1.16SD in group B (P=0.743) at baseline and was 2.43 ± 1.16SD and 3.50 ± 2.16SD, respectively on day 3 (P=0.028). Efficacy was significantly better in Group A patients as compared to Group B (76.7%, n=23/30 versus 43.3%, n=13/30; P =0.008).Conclusion: Treatment with 3% ciprofloxacin-1% Dexamethasone was found to be significantly better than 10% Icthammol glycerin in patients with acute otitis externa in terms of associated pain control.

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