Saad Sarfraz Janjua, Fakhar Zaman, Tehmina Qamar.
Comparison of Ranson's Score, BISAP, and CTSI in Predicting the Severity of Acute Pancreatitis.
J Islamabad Med Dent Coll Jan ;7(4):255-9.

Objective: To use of Ranson’s, BISAP and CTSI scoring system in predicting the severity and outcomes of patients with acute pancreatitis.Patients and Methods: One hundred and six (106) patients of acute pancreatitis were studied prospectively. Data of patient’s baseline demographics, clinical and radiological investigation was collected. BISAP score was calculated by obtaining data within 24 hours of admission, while Ranson score was calculated at the time of admission and at 48 hours of admission. CTSI was based on findings from CT scan of selected patients. Severity of acute pancreatitis was defined in terms of ICU admission, development of associated complications and mortality.ResultsOut of 106 patients, 55.7% were females and 44.3% were male patients. Regarding complications of Acute Pancreatitis, 9 (8.5%) patients were admitted in ICU, complications occurred in 33 (31.1%) patients while mortality occurred in 9 (8.5%) patients. Out of 106 patients 11 patients had Ransons score greater than 3. 04(36.4%) patients required ICU admission, 07(63.6%) patients developed complications and mortality of 5(45.5%) patients occurred. Patients with Bisap score greater 03, 6 (26%) patients required ICU admission, 17 (74%) developed complications and mortality of 8(34.7%) patients occurred. 24 patients underwent CECT abdomen and 4 patients had modified CTSI score of 8 to 10 (severe AP) out of which 4(100%) patients required ICU admission, 4(100%) patients developed complications and mortality occurred in 4(100%) patients. Conclusion: BISAP score is a useful prognostic scoring system for predicting the severity of acute pancreatitis and can be a crucial aid in determining the group of patients that have a high chance of need for intensive care during the course of their illness and therefore need early resuscitation; especially in resource-limited developing countries.

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