Huma Mushtaq, Rayif Rashid Kanth, Saeed Alam.
Diastematomyelia due to Spinal intradural Extramedullary Teratoma in an Adult.
J Islamabad Med Dent Coll Jan ;7(3):221-4.

Teratomas are rarely found in the Central Nervous System and are approximately 2% of all other Teratomas. Spinal Teratomas are extremely rare as compared to the teratomas that are found intracranially and are almost 0.1–0.5% of all tumors of spinal cord. These tumors are even more infrequent in adults. Diastematomyelia, also known as split cord malformation causes complete or incomplete sagittal division of the neural axis and duplicates it. This condition is mostly accompanied by various malformations and in rare cases it is associated with intradural spinal teratoma. We report a case of 39 years old male who presented with complaints of severe pain in the left leg and weakness with power 2/5 in left leg and urinary obstruction. On evaluation, he was diagnosed as having Diastematomyelia due to Spinal intradural Extramedullary Teratoma.

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