Tariq Zubair, Amjad Mehboob, Shams-ur Rehman, Rozina Tariq.
Clinical Presentation & Morbidity of H1N1, Influenza like Illness in Swabi, KPK.
Ophthalmol Update Jan ;15(4):452-5.

Objective: to study clinical presentation and morbidity of H1N1 and influenza like illness in Swabi Material and Methods: This observational study was conducted in Bacha Khan Medical complex Swabi in 2015-2016. A total no of 154 patients were included using WHO criteria .influenza like illness(ILI) was defined as sudden onset of fever> 38 degree centigrade, cough, sore throat ,in the absence of other diagnosis. A case confirmed influenza. H1N1 is defined as the presence of ILI symptoms sign plus a positive RT -PCR or viral culture where as SARI case was defined as patient having all the above symptoms signs that require hospital admission. Result: Age of the patient was between 15 to 100 years. 96 patients were female and male were 54.History of contact with lab confirmed cases were 17. Co morbid conditions were found in 56(36.4%).Hypertension was documented in 12.9% cases. Diabetes mellitus in 15.6% cases, Malignancy in 1.9% and COPD in 8.4 % cases. Influenza A was confirmed in 36.4 % cases, out of which seasonal influenza (H1N1) PDM were 34.4 %.Negative cultures were found in 7.8 % cases. In 50.1 % cases samples were not sent because of limited resources. Analysis of the symptoms show that fever and cough was present in 76 %. Temperature varied between 98 degree to 104 degree F. Conclusion: Influenza outbreak occurs yearly during winter in KPK but they are treated as bacterial infections resulting in wastage of resources. More studies are needed to increase awareness in doctors and community. Key words: Influenza, influenza like illness (ILI).

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