Anwaar-ul Haq Hashmi, Zahid Mahmood, Arshad Mahmood, Ayesha Azam, Iftikhar Ahmad, Muhammad Ali.
Identification of Correction Factor for Intraocular Pressure Measurement Based on Pachymetry.
Ophthalmol Update Jan ;15(3):243-7.

Purpose: To detect the correction factor used in the auto-tonopachy readings, so that this could also be used for Goldman applanation tonometer Method: A prospective randomized study. The patients with diseased corneas were excluded from the study. There was no gender discrimination. All patients above 15 years of age were included. Along with the complete evaluation, the noncontact tonometer (NCT) with auto pachymetry was done on both eyes of the patients. Pachy, IOP as well corrected IOP were recorded. The adjustment factor used in algorithm of the autotonometer was extracted by deduction of the corrected IOP from the IOP values for each pachymetry reading. Results: 232 eyes of 116 patients were included in this study. The male: female ratio was 64:52. Mean age was 33.01+- 11.9. Median age was 20 years. Minimum was 15 and maximum age was 59 years. CCT mean was 528+-30.144. Median value was 531.5 microns. The NCT mean was 17.16. Median value was 16 mmHg. Mean corrected IOP value was noted as 18.23 mmHg. Median IOP value was 17.45 mmHg. Conclusion: The pachymetry should be the part and the parcel of a complete ocular examination. More emphasis should be given to the thinner corneas while going for PRK, LASIK as well as when dealing with glaucoma. Goldman applanation (an old is gold ) will remain gold standard if the CCT based correction factor is incorporated.

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