Shamila Ijaz Munir, Iram Shahzadi, Tayyaba Tahira, Summera Aslam.
Comparison of Fetomaternal Outcome of General Anesthesia vs Spinal Anesthesia in Women Having Elective Cesarean Section.
Annals Punjab Med Coll Jan ;13(2):100-3.

Objective: The objective of this study was to compare Apgar-score and maternal satisfaction in women having elective cesarean section under general and spinal anesthesia. Study Design: Randomized Controlled Trial. Settings: Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore -Pakistan. Duration: Six months (January 2017 to June 2017). Methodology: A total of 108 cases were taken who fulfilled the inclusion criteria and informed consent was taken. All subjects were randomly divided into two groups (Group-A or Group-B) using lottery method. Group-A received general anesthesia with pre-oxygenation for 3 minutes and in Group-B, patients were given spinal anesthesia. Data was collected on predesigned proforma by researcher herself. Apgar score at 5 minutes after birth was calculated by researcher herself and patient’s satisfaction was calculated at time of discharge as per operational definition. Results: In this study mean age of cases was 30.62+/-4.87 years with age range of 18-40 years. In spinal group mean age were 30.57+/-5.25 years while general anesthesia group the mean age was 30.67+/-4.51 years. In spinal group Apgar score ≥ 7 was seen 52(96.3%) neonates and in general anesthesia group the Apgar score ≥ 7 was calculated in 47(87%) of the neonates. There was no significant difference in Apgar score ≥ 7 in both study groups, p-value > 0.05. According to operational definition in spinal group 43(79.6%) and general anesthesia group 23(42.6%) females were satisfied, the satisfaction rate in spinal anesthesia group was significantly higher, p-value < 0.005. Conclusion: The results of this study show no significant difference in Apgar score at 5 minutes but maternal satisfaction was significantly higher in spinal anesthesia group when compared to general anesthesia group. So, in future we can adopt spinal anesthesia in elective cesarean section to gain more mother satisfaction and better fetomaternal outcome.

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