Hooria Rehman, Jaweeria Masood, Saifullah Sheikh, Qamar Mehboob.
Frequency of Hypothyroidism in patients of Beta Thalassemia Major.
Annals Punjab Med Coll Jan ;13(1):4-6.

Objective: To check the frequency of hypothyroidism in children suffering from beta thalassemia major. Study Design: Cross sectional study.Settings: Department of Pediatrics Allied hospital, Ali Zaib Foundation and Sundas Foundation, Faisalabad. Duration: Six months. Methodology: 75diagnosed cases of beta thalassemia major of age between 5 to 15 years of either gender were enrolled from pediatric ward Allied hospital, Ali Zaibfoundation and Sundus foundation, Faisalabad. Blood sample of 2ml was taken from children for TSH and T4 and was sent to pathology Lab AlliedHospital Faisalabad. Levels of TSH and T4 were estimated by Elisa kit. Data was statistically analyzed to determine the frequency and percentage ofHypothyroidism. Results: Mean age of children suffering from hypothyroid was 10.48 ± 2.6 years. Out of these 14 (28.6%) were male and 8 (30.8%)were female. Hypothyroidism was seen in 22 (29.3%) patients. Conclusion: Hypothyroidism can occur in thalassemia major patients without particularclinical signs. Screening of thalassemic patients for hypothyroidism is very important for early diagnosis and prompt treatment of affected children todecrease their sufferings

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