Mazhar Iqbal, Faiz Ahmed Raza, Obaid Anwar, Allah Rakhia.
Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of MBBS Students regarding Hepatitis B and C: a Cross Sectional Survey at Faisalabad Medical University, Faisalabad.
Annals Punjab Med Coll Jan ;12(2):128-3-132.

Background: Hepatitis is a public health problem throughout the world. The chances of job-related exposure to hepatitis among healthcare workers is a key concern, particularly among students in healthcare profession. Methods: This six months (Jan to Jun 2017) cross-sectional study was carried out at Faisalabad Medical University, Faisalabad. Total 300 MBBS students (1st to 4th year) took part in this study. Data was collected using validated self-administered questionnaire. Descriptive statistics and Chi-square tests were used to find out the association between variables in the study. Results: Of 300 medical students, 40.6% were males and 59.4% were females. Female and older students demonstrated higher knowledge regarding hepatitis B and C, route of transmission, and availability of treatment for hepatitis B and C. Among them, 58.7% of males and 61.4% females had sufficient basic knowledge about hepatitis B and C. Moreover, 54% males and 57% females had good knowledge about sources for spreading of hepatitis while 54% males and 62% females had good knowledge regarding prevention against hepatitis. From total 300 students, 156 (52%) were vaccinated against hepatitis B. Lack of time was the most common reason reported for not being vaccinated against hepatitis B. Conclusion: The majority of participants in this study showed sufficient knowledge concerning HBV and HCV, route of transmission and prevention.

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