Usama Bin Saeed, Talha Bin Saeed, Ajmal Yasin.
Prosthesis Dislocation Following Total Hip Arthroplasty; a Comparison of Posterior and Lateral Surgical Approach.
Annals Punjab Med Coll Jan ;12(1):40-2.

Introduction: Joint function and integrity can be restored by various techniques and the surgical approach which is used for this restoration is called as arthroplasty. Principal methods for Total Hip Arthroplasty are Direct and Posterior lateral approaches. The most convenient to perform is posterior approach however, dislocation have been reported in most of cases. The rates of hip dislocation may be decreased by direct lateral approach as it provides cup positioning in better way. Direct lateral approach may be considered widely in future if the results of this study show relative benefits. Objectives: To compare posterior surgical approach with direct lateral approach in patients undergoing total hip arthroplasty in terms of prosthesis dislocation. Subjects and Methods: This prospective study was performed at (Punjab Medical College) PMC and various hospitals for 3 years from 1-07-2014   to   30-06-2017.A total of 46 patients with Hip Osteoarthritis were included in the study. All patients were diagnosed clinically and confirmed with radiographic findings. 23 patients underwent Hip Arthroplasty with posterior approach and lateral approach was used in 23 patients. Outcome in terms of prosthesis dislocation was compared in both the groups. Results: In group A, mean age was 55.19 (years) with a standard deviation (Std dev) of 6.705. In group B it was 53.72 ± 8.541 in terms of age. Prosthesis dislocation in group A was 34.7% and 13.4% in group B.  P value was 0.001. Conclusion: Outcome of Direct lateral surgical approach is better than Posterior surgical approach in terms of prosthesis dislocation in patients undergoing Total Hip Arthroplasty.

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