Farrukh Aziz, Altaf Pervez Qasim, Shahid Khaliq, Kishwar Naheed, Junaid Altaf Qasim.
Spectrum of Firearm Related Deaths in Multan City: Autopsy Based Study.
Annals Punjab Med Coll Jun ;12(1):28-30.

Background: Excessive use of the firearms causing severe & lethal effect to the victims and their families, delivery of health care and judicial system as well as society where they live. The easy availability of guns has increased the firearm fatalities, especially in developing countries. Objectives: To study the pattern of lethal firearm injuries, in Multan city with special reference to the regions of the body affected, seasonal variation & vulnerable age group. Study design: Retrospective study. Setting & duration: The study was carried out by examining the record of all medicolegal autopsies conducted in the department of Forensic Medicine, Nishtar Medical College Multan during calendar year 2016. Only cases of firearm related deaths were selected for detailed examination and those died of other than firearm injuries were excluded. The reports were studied in relation to Age, types of firearm used, Gender, seasonal variation and regions of the body involved. Results: During 2016, out of total 197 medicolegal autopsies, 77(39.08%) died of firearm injuries & out of those, male victim were 67(44.66%). The most vulnerable age was 19-40 yrs (45.45%). Male female ratio was 6.4:1, the chest being the commonest targeted area was38.96%, while during the months of July & August highest incidence of deaths due to firearm observed (15.57%). Conclusion:  The young males are the most common target & the leading cause of death was the injuries on the chest. There is need of strict implementation of law regarding possession of firearm and improvement in socioeconomic conditions of the individuals. Keywords: Firearms, Fatalities, Homicide, Autopsy, Lethal Injuries, Cause of death

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