Kashan Arshad, Muhammad Azam, Tahir Munir, Muhammad Imran Khan, Hafiz Nasim Abbas, Muhammad Asghar Butt.
Frequency of Anemia in Healthy School age Population in Faisalabad.
Annals Punjab Med Coll Jan ;11(2):132-5.

Introduction: Anemia is defined as” condition in which hemoglobin (Hb) concentration or red blood (RBC) mass less than the 5th percentile for age. It is a common problem, especially among children and pregnant women with 40% frequency of anemia in the world. Objective: To determine the frequency of anemia in healthy school age population in Faisalabad. Study Design: Cross sectional study. Duration of Study: January 2016 to June 2016. Setting: Department of Pediatric Medicine Unit-1, Allied Hospital, Faisalabad. Sample size: The total sample size is 120 cases. Sampling Technique: Non probability purposive sampling. Material and method: A total of 120 children were enrolled in the study fulfilling the inclusion/exclusion criteria presenting to Department of Pediatrics Unit-1, Allied Hospital, Faisalabad. After obtaining an informed written consent of the parents/guardians of the children, the data was included in the study. EDTA treated tubes were used to collect the blood samples and transported on ice. Complete Blood Count examination was carried out. According to WHO guidelines, a hemoglobin (Hb) value <11.5 gm/dl was used as cut off for anemia for this age group. The data was analyzed through SPSS-19, mean and standard deviation was calculated for age and Hb levels of the children. Frequency and percentage was calculated for qualitative variable like gender and presence/absence of anemia. Results: In our study, out of 120 cases, 70 were between 4-10 years of age while 50 were between 11-15 years of age, mean + SD was calculated as 10.00+3.17 years, 61 were male while 59 were females, frequency of anemia in healthy school age population in Faisalabad was recorded in 44 children. Conclusion: We concluded that the prevalence of anemia among healthy School age population in Faisalabad is increasing, so every child must be screened to address this treatable issue.

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