Ghulam Nabi Nasar.
Indications & Complications of Colostomy in Children.
Annals Punjab Med Coll Jan ;11(2):110-2.

Objectives: To evaluate colostomy indications and associated complications as well as management of their complications. Design: Descriptive Study. Place: Children Hospital Quetta. Period: From March, 2013 to March, 2016. Methodology: This is a descriptive study of indications complications and their managements of all the patients admitted in Children Hospital for colostomy. The patients who were operated upon previously were excluded from the study. Results:  Total number of the patients in which colostomy was done were 80.  Colostomy complications occurred in 52 patients (65%). Most common complication was skin excoriation in 24 patients (30%), prolapsed in 12 patients (15%), burst abdomen in 2 patients (2.5%), per colostomy hernia in 1 patient (1.25%), 1 patient died due to multiple anomalies (1.25%). Conclusions: Adequate pre-operative counseling of parents, good stoma care and early stoma closure gives good results in our setup.

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