Muhammad Nasir, Muhammad Saleem Iqbal, Shahbaz Ahmad.
Comparison of the Outcome of Thyroidectomy Using Ultrasonic Dissector with Conventional Knot Tying Technique.
Annals Punjab Med Coll Jan ;11(2):105-9.

Objective: Compare the outcome of thyroidectomy in patients with goiter by using ultrasonic dissector with conventional knot tying technique. Study design: Randomized control trial. Sample size: By using WHO calculator, it was 60 patients. Settings: Surgical Units of DHQ & Allied Hospital, Faisalabad with 1 year duration from 01-01-2015 to 31-12-2015. Methodology: After informed consent, patients were divided in Group A (ultrasonic dissector) and Group B (knot tying technique) using computer. All patients underwent total thyroidectomy by consultants. The named vessels, other small vessels and surrounding soft tissues was controlled by using ultrasonic dissector in group A. In group B, conventional hand-tied ligation for the named vessels and some arterial branches. A vacuum suction drain was placed in thyroid bed. Operating time and postoperative drainage fluid volume was noted that was recorded on proforma. Results: Comparison of mean operative time in both groups shows 62.33+4.60 minutes in Group-A and 123.33+5.11 minutes in Group-B, p value as 0.0001 showing a significant difference. Comparison of mean post-operative drainage fluid volume in both groups was recorded as 6.33+1.60 ml in Group-A and 65.07+4.31 ml in Group-B, p value was calculated as 0.0001 showing a significant difference. Conclusion: We concluded that outcome of thyroidectomy with ultrasonic dissector was significantly better when than conventional technique.

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