Humayun Suqrat Hasan Imam, Farah Ahmed Chohan, Muhammad Murtaza, Iqra Qamar, Fatima Tuz Zahra, Ayesha Shahab, Zarnab Khalid, Wajiha Ismail.
How Illiteracy Affects the Health of Women and Their Children in PMC Colony F Block.
Annals Punjab Med Coll Jan ;11(2):94-9.

Background: Maternal education has a strong correlation with maternal and child health. Higher number of years of education is linked with lower incidence of disease and better immunization status of children. Objective: To determine the effect of illiteracy on the health of women and their children. Study Design: Comparative Cross-sectional study. Setting: PMC Colony F Block Faisalabad. Duration of study: One month duration from 20th July, 2016 to 20th August, 2016. Methodology: Cross-sectional study was done on 30 illiterate and 30 literate females. Every woman was interviewed with a printed questionnaire after taking informed consent. Their age, educational status and number of children were recorded. The parameters used to ascertain children’s health included: vaccination status, nutrition, place of birth and hygiene. Maternal health was assessed by the number of children a woman had, antenatal visits, immunization against Tetanus and Hepatitis B, use of contraception and preferred place of treatment in case of complications in pregnancy and abortion. Results: Assessment of data revealed that 50% of women in the area were literate and 50% illiterate. Illiterate mothers had higher number of children, less use of contraception, less frequent antenatal visits and less awareness about proper nutrition and hygiene as compared to literate women. Difference was also observed in favor of literate mothers regarding the issue of vaccination and hospital preference for treatment. Conclusion: There is a positive association between maternal education and her health seeking behavior in terms of use of contraception and safe delivery practices. Maternal education is also linked with improved child health.

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