Muhammad Arif Ali, Muhammad Akhtar Parvez, Muhammad Moaaz Arif.
Appraisal of Hepatitis-B and Hepatitis-C Prevalence.
Annals Punjab Med Coll Jan ;9(3):145-50.

Objective: To asses prevalence of HBV and HCV among healthy blood donors. Study Setting: Blood Transfusion Services Center DHQ Hospital Faisalabad. (Blood donation record of blood donors). Study Design: Retrospective review of blood donation record of blood donors, who attended this center from 1st Jan 2014 To 31st Dec 2014. Materials and Methods: The blood donation record of 32028 persons was reviewed who visited BTSC DHQ Hospital Faisalabad for donation of blood. The donors were selected according to International donor selection criteria.  All the blood donors were screened for HBV and HCV by “Rapid Method.” Results: Review and analysis of blood donation record of 32028 screened blood donors showed that  11.16%  blood donors were female ( n= 3574 ) and  88.84% were male (n=28454).Among total, 609 blood donors were  HBV positive i.e.1.90% and 2724 were  HCV positive i.e. 8.50%.  Conclusion: This study concluded that the prevalence of HBV&HCV among healthy blood donors of this area, HBV to be in low endemic group (<2 %) while HCV in high endemic group (>8%). Female donors are proportionately less than male donors.

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