Muhammad Khalid Butt, Adil Inam, Saif-ur Rehman.
Giant Vesical Stone - a Case Report.
Annals Punjab Med Coll Jan ;9(1):48-51.

Background: Urinary stones disease is a global problem with a declining incidence since 19th century. Commonly seen in Middle East and China, bladder stones are however rare in the western world. Giant vesical calculi especially those weighing more than 100 grams, are even rare in today’s urologic practice due to early sought medical attention and prompt treatment. Case Presentation: The current case report is about a 40 years old Asian male who presented with dysuria, suprapubic pain, difficulty in micturition and intermittent pyrexia and hematuria for the last 1 year. Investigations revealed severe anemia, raised white blood cell count, serum urea and creatinine. Radiological investigations confirmed the presence of a large vesical stone. Initial management includedPercutaneous Nephrostomy along with pre-operative preparation of the patient followed by open vesicolithotomy. Clearance of the obstruction resulted in improvement of renal function and patient was discharged home in satisfactory condition. Conclusion: Despite the overall decline in the incidence of urinary stones and development in the diagnostic and interventional urology, neglected cases are still seen in the outdoors due to lack of knowledge and awareness at the patient level and inadequate availability of investigation facilities in the developing countries. This sufficiently delays the treatment and results in severe complications which at times may be permanent and un compensate able. Keywords: Suprapubic pain, giant vesical calculus, bladder obstruction

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