Muhammad Irfan, Maqsood Ahmad, Amir Hayat Mahais, Irshad Ahmed Mian, Shama Aslam, Ubaid-ur Rehman.
Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Nonworking / Dependent class Using ultrasonography and liver function tests: as a Cost Effective Tool.
Annals Punjab Med Coll Jan ;8(2):195-200.

Objective: To evaluate utility of gray scale abdominal ultrasound and liver function tests in the prevalence of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in non-working / dependent class of Faisalabad. Study Design: Screening study. Setting: Department of Radiology Allied Hospital, Faisalabad. Duration of Study: 6 months, from December 1 2012 to July 2013. Sample Size: 300. Study Participants –Demographics. Material & Methods: Patients, who denied regular alcohol drinking, were included in the study. A pre-designed study pro forma was filled with relevant parameters i.e. body mass index (BMI), ultrasound, and LFT, s, WHR, lipid profile, clinical assessments were carried out in all cases along with real-time gray scale abdominal ultrasonography as established diagnostic tool. We compared the results of LFT, s and hepatic ultrasound of suspected and non-suspected and are statistically analyzed by SPSS 12. Results: Out of three hundred patients, 200 (67%) female and 100 (33%)were male suspected. Mean age of the patients was 38.93±8.57 years. The prevalence of fatty liver in males younger than 35 years old was significantly higher (71.7 %) where as it markedly increased in females younger than 48 years (65.25%). Multiple factors analysis reveals  that the prevalence of fatty liver was positively correlated to several risk factors, including female, age (>50yr), hyperlipidemia, impaired glucose tolerance/diabetes mellitus, hypertension and overweight/obesity. Fifty one (54%) patients with symptoms like obesiy, fatigue, generalized, weakness, and pain RUQ had fatty liver where as 23.2% had raised Liver enzymes, 20.0% with cholelithiasis and 16.92% with D.M. Conclusions: Routine hepatic ultrasonography and LFT in every suspected patient with symptoms of fatigue, generalized weakness, and pain in RUQ, is able to detect NAFLD as it is cheap and easily available facility in our country.

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