Ilyas Mirza.
Mental Health Services rooted in Primary Care: why is this so relevant for Pakistan?.
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;8(3):142-3.

World Health Report 2001, Mental Health: New Understanding, New Hope was launched on 10th October 2001. World Health Organisation devoted this first report of the 21st century to highlight the burden of mental disorders, as it is envisaged that these will present a major public health challenge in the future. It makes ten recommendations to improve mental health with three “scenarios for action” according to varying level of national resources. Two issues make this report particularly relevant to Pakistan. Firstly, research evidence of relatively high psychiatric morbidity from Pakistan; secondly, known association between poor prognosis of physical disorders with psychiatric co-morbidity. The most important dimension to improving the health of our nation is recognition of these associations and implementation of treatment strategies at the level of primary care. This editorial emphasises the need to make the undergraduate syllabus of psychiatry and behavioural sciences rigorous in the light of WHO report. This is an Editorial.

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