Imtiaz Ahmad Dogar, Muhammad Akhtar Parvez, Nighat Haider, Niazi G M, Faiz Mohiuddin, Khalid Mahmood Akhtar.
Personality Traits of the Adjusted and Maladjusted Medical Students in Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad, Pakistan.
Annals Punjab Med Coll Jan ;8(2):164-9.

Objective: The study was designed to examine the association between the personality traits and adjustment level of medical students. Method: 190 medical students from Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad participated in this study through purposive convenient sampling technique. Personality traits were measured through Gordon Personal Inventory (GPI) and Gordon Personal Profile (GPP), while adjustment and mal adjustment was assessed through Rotter’s Incomplete Sentences Blanks (RISB). The results were obtained through chi square statistics on SPSS version 17. Results: Results showed that out of 190 medical students 173 students (91 %) were well adjusted.  While 17 students (9 %) obtained RISB scores above the cutoff point hence they were labeled as mal adjusted. Hypothesis testing with Chi square test has shown statistically significant differences in the scores on the trait of responsibility, cautiousness, personal relationship and vigor among adjusted and mal adjusted medical students. Mal adjusted students were seen associated with below average scores on all previously mentioned traits. Conclusion: The traits of responsibility, cautiousness, personal relationship and vigor are crucial for the adjustment in the society. So the parents and teachers should play their part in improving the fabric of the society by the means of building and emphasizing upon the sense of responsibility, cautious behavior, balance in personal relationships, and vigor in daily tasks among their children and students so that they may become well-adjusted in the society.

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