Aalia Jadaan, Zonia Tanveer Nizami, Asif Sagheer.
Pain relief and Progress of labour a randomized control comparison of epidural with intramuscular pentazocine for analgesia during labour.
Annals Punjab Med Coll Jan ;8(2):147-51.

Objective; To Compare the effects of epidural analgesia and Parentral Pentazocine in labouring women with term pregnancies on maternal outcome. Design; It is Randomized controlled trial. Setting  and Duration of Study; This study was conducted in Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Aziz Fatimah Trust Hospital and Medical and Dental College Faisalabad,within duration of 6months w.e.f May 2014 - Oct 2014. Methodology; The effect of epidural and parenteral analgesia on maternal outcome were recorded on predesigned performa in 140 laboring women. Main outcome measures: Maternal outcome was recorded in terms of Pain relief and Progress of labour. Results: In this study a total of 140 patients were recruited and were divided into two groups of 70 patients each. Group A was given epidural analgesia and Group B wasgiven Pentazocine. The epidural pentazocine has significant (P-value < 0.05) effect on pain relief at 30 minutes. The mean pain relief in epidural group was 83.45±8.92%  as compared to intramuscular group in which it was 55.43±14.22%. Similarly the pain relief noted after 60 minutes was significantly better (P-value < 0.05) in epidural group (96.67±4.92 vs. 68.78±12.46%,  as compared with intramuscular group. Moreover there was no significant (P-value > 0.05) difference in the first and second stage of labour in epidural and intramuscular groups. Conclusions: We demonstrated that Epidural analgesia provides superior analgesia in view of better pain relief without compromising progress of labour, when compared with Parenteral opioids. 

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