Asim Shaukat, Aamir Shaukat, Hooria Aamir, Umair Ahmad.
Non Contrast CT Evaluation of Lumbar Pain Presenting in Medical Emergency.
Annals Punjab Med Coll Jan ;7(2):145-7.

Objective: To evaluate the value of non contrast CT in patient with lumbar pain. Methods: 1432 patient with lumbar pain, presenting in Medical emergency of Allied Hospital were taken, all of them under went Ultrasound abdomen and CT Abdomen. CT abdomen was conducted on optima 660, 128 slice CT scanner. Results: CT showed that out of 1231 patients 998 had eitherof multiple renal, ureteric and / or vesicle stones. 110 had normal scan and 123 had alternate or incidental diagnosis. Patient with multiple pathologies were excluded from the study which was 201 patients. Conclusion: In comparison with ultrasound CT was superior in detecting Ureteric stones and more correct in renal stones. CT was also superior in detecting alternate or incidental diagnosis.

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