Shehla Iftikhar, Hafiz Khushnaseeb Ahmad, Zahid Mahmood, Hina Manzoor, Hamida Naseeb, Rafshan Sadiq, Owais Qadeer Gill, Jamila Shuja, Farah Khan.
Radiological Perspective of Metastatic Breast Cancer in CENAR, Quetta.
Annals Punjab Med Coll Jan ;7(2):138-44.

Background / Purpose: The study was conducted to evaluate the Breast cancer patients with metastasis to different body regions. Aims and Objectives: The primary aim was to highlight the most common site of metastasis and different Sonographic patterns in breast cancer patients at CENAR, Quetta. The secondary aim was to determine the average age of breast carcinoma (Ca) presentation. Material and Methods: A two year retrospective study of breast carcinoma diagnosed and treated at our centre was conducted. 278 patients pathologically proven invasive carcinoma breast were registered atCENAR from 1st January 2010 to December 2011 were analyzed. Results:  During the study period, 278 patients were registered as Ca breast patients out of which 109 (39%) patients developed metastasis during or after treatment or initially at registration, majority of the patients were with liver metastasis 46 (42%)patients and most common Sonographic pattern was hypo echoic with 26(57%) patients. Most common age group was 25-40 years with 125(45%) patients, followed by 41-55 years with 97(35%) patients.

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