Nazar Hussain, Wakeel Ahmad, Tariq Ahmad.
Neurosurgical Outcome of Aute Traumatic EDH. Based on GCS.
Annals Punjab Med Coll Jan ;7(2):133-7.

Objective: Assessment of Neurosurgical Outcome of Acute Traumatic Extramural Hematoma based on GCS. Study Design: Clinical Trial. Place and Duration: Neurosurgery Department Allied Hospital Faisalabad, 20 Months from July 31-2011 to 28-2-2013.       Clinical Material and Method: One hundred and thirty patients were selected for study. CT scan brain was done of every patient. The size of EDH was assessed. GCS was assessed. Patients were grouped in three groups A (GCS >8,EDH volume <30 ml), B (GCS <8, EDH volume > 30 ml) and C (GCS > 8, EDH volume > 30 ml). Outcome was assessed according to Glasgow outcome scale. Conclusion: Patients with group A (EDH < 30ml and GCS > 8) can be managed conservatively. Their outcome was comparable with operated patients EDH > 30ml. However group B has mortality of 4.3% and outcome was different from group A & C which have no mortality.

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