Aneela Asghar, Tariq Rasheed.
Treatment Seeking Behavior in patients Suffering from Melasma.
Annals Punjab Med Coll Jan ;7(1):85-9.

Introduction: Melasma is a common hypermelanosis that typically involves sun exposed areas in the face. Genetic, hormonal and UV radiations are important factors in its pathogenesis. Usually patients with melasma seek medical advice late after they have made their skin worse. So awareness regarding treatment of melasma is needed. Objective: To determine treatment seeking behavior in patients with Melasma. Study Design:  Descriptive case series. Setting: Dermatology department of DHQ, Allied Hospital Faisalabad & Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore. Methodology: By using non-probability consecutive sampling 104 individuals having melasma age ranges from 18-47 years of both gender were included. Questions asked from the patients regarding their treatment attitude included contact with doctor, self medication or any remedy, level of education and living background. Results:  Out of 104 patients 103(99%) were females and 1(1%) male with mean age was 30.13±7.71. 26(25%) consulted skin specialists in public sector hospitals. 26(25%) patients used self medication17(16.3%) patients took no treatment. 13(12.5%) patients took advice from beauticians. 10(9.6%) patients consulted skin specialist in private sector hospitals.6 (5.8%) patients took advice from general practioners. Of 104 patients 89(85.6%) patients did not use any sunscreens as part of treatment. Out of 79(76%) patients who belong to urban area 21(26.6%) patients first consulted skin specialist in public sector. Regarding education 7(38.9%) illiterate and 5(41.7%) intermediate patients used self medication, 3(42.9%) primary educated patients did not consulted to any one, 6(33.3%) middle passed patients consulted beauticians, 6(26.1%) matriculate and 4(44.4%) graduate patients consulted skin specialist in public sector while 5(29.4%) post graduate patients first consulted skin specialist in private sector. Conclusion:   Based on the knowledge obtained from the patients, it was observed that patients having melasma have no idea about the disease and whom they should consult after appearance of melasma. Key words:  Melasma, Hypermelanosis, Self medication, Sunscreens

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