Uzma Masud, Ahmad Saeed, Bashir Ahmad Siddique.
Pattern of Suicidal Deaths in Faisalabad.
Annals Punjab Med Coll Jan ;7(1):35-40.

Introduction: Suicide in Pakistan has been a long term social issue and is a common cause of un natural deaths. It is among the top three leading cause of death in man developed countries. Pattern of suicidal death varies from country to country.  Objectives: To study the pattern of such deaths in Faisalabad, Pakistan and compare it with the other countries. Material & Methods: Study was conducted at Department of Forensic Medicine Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad during the period of January 01, 2007 to December 31, 2011. A total of 73 cases of suicidal deaths were included in the study. Manner of death was decided on the basis of circumstances of death, autopsy findings, visit to the scene of incidence, police investigation and information from the relatives & friends. Results: Suicide formed 4.3 % of the total autopsies conducted during the period. Highest incidence was recorded during 2011. Rate of suicide in Faisalabad city is 0.21/100000 of population. Male to female ratio is 3:1. Peak incidence was in the month of February. Firearm was the commonest method used for suicide followed by hanging. Most vulnerable age group in males was 20-29 years while in females 10-19 years. Conclusion: In Faisalabad. Pakistan rate of suicide is less than western countries however, its trend is increasing. Preventive strategies should be designed  by identifying the factors leading to suicide

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