Farrukh Aziz, Qurrat-ul Ain Kamran, Tufail Ahmad, Bismah Shahzad, Mushtaq Ahmed, Zamir Ahmad.
Comparative Audit of Homicidal Deaths in Multan city during the Year 2011 & 2016.
Annals Punjab Med Coll Jan ;12(4):313-16.

Background: Homicide as a result of violence is social as well as public health problem. Homicide is defined as killing of one human being by another. The death toll resulting from homicide is increasing day by day. Thus, to minimize the problem of homicide, being the most worst form of violence depriving the human beings of their basic rights; needs detailed evaluation. Objective: To evaluate and compare the different aspects of homicide in Multan city. Duration: During the years 2011 & 2016. Study Design: Retrospective study. Settings: The study was conducted in the Department of Forensic Medicine, Nishtar Medical College, Multan for the calendar year 2011 & 2016. Methodology: The study was carried out by examination and comparison of the record of 178 & 197 medicolegal autopsies performed in the department of Forensic Medicine, Nishtar Medical College Multan while 130 & 142 cases of homicidal deaths were selected encompassing both years for detailed study. The cases were labeled as homicidal on the basis of police papers and autopsy findings whereas suicidal and accidental deaths were not included. Results: Out of the total 178 & 197 cases of medicolegal autopsies, (73.02% & 72.08%) were labeled as homicidal during 2011 & 2016 respectively. The male to female ratio was 3:1. Majority of the victims of homicidal deaths belonged to the age group of 40-60 years during 2011 & 2016 involving 38.46% & 37.32% cases respectively. Firearm was on the top among weapons used for homicide in (58.46% & 54.27%) cases respectively in both years whereas the blunt objects were second commonest weapon responsible to kill (19.25% & 21.58%) persons respectively. Conclusion: Most of the victims of homicide were in the age group of 25-40 years whereas the most commonly used weapon causing homicidal fatalities was firearm in both years. Involvements of chest as target area were on top during both years. Strict measures are recommended to be taken for monitoring and control the possession of illegal firearms in order to minimize the death toll due to homicide.

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