Muhammad Anwar Sulehri, Osman Riaz, Riaz Hussain.
Rabies: a Highly Fatal But Preventable Disease.
Annals Punjab Med Coll Jan ;5(1):1-6.

Rabies is a highly infectious viral disease of central nervous system caused by rabies Lyssa virus type-1. It is also known as hydrophobia and is transmitted to human being mostly by the rabid carnivorous animals.Objectives: 1-To understand the pathogenesis of the disease rabies and be able to manage this problem most effectively.  2- To be able to avoid preventable deadly complication of this disease. 3- To give awareness about right treatment and remove wrong concepts among the public about this highly fatal disease. Conclusion: treatment Rabies can be managed effectively with various modalities like wound management, vaccination and use of Rabies immune-globulins (RIG) as active & passive immunization according to the category of the exposure. Prognosis and outcome: With tissue or cell cultured vaccine the results are good while nerve tissue vaccines have too many disadvantages and are of uncertain efficacy. Failure to use RIG in category iii bite is often a reason for failure of therapy.

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