Muhammad Zahid Siddiq, Aamir Ali Choudhry, Nasir Choudhry.
Outcome of Therapeutic Penetrating Keratoplasty in Non Healing Microbial Keratitis.
Annals Punjab Med Coll Jan ;4(2):177-81.

Purpose of Study: To study the outcome of therapeutic penetrating keratoplasty in non healing microbial keratitis. Materials and Methods: This prospective, interventional case series was done in Ophthalmology department, Madina Teaching Hospital, Faisalabad. The duration of this study was 3 years, from 1st April 2007 to 31st March  2010. The patients were selected from the out patient department of Madina Teaching Hospital Faisalabad. Penetrating keratoplasty was performed in these patients. In the postoperative period the patients were assessed on the basis of (1) eradication of infection, (2) graft clarity, (3) post-operative visual acuity and (4) complications. Results: Out of 32 patients 20 (62.5%) were males and 12(37.5%) were females. Among the etiological agents16(50%) were bacteria, 8(25%) were fungi, 2(06%) were viral and in 6(19%) of the patients no growth was found. The pre-operative visual acuity in 22(68.75%) patients was less than 6/60, in 07(21.87%) was 6/60-6/18 and in 3(9.37%) patients it was more than 6/18. The post-operative visual acuity in 7(21.87%) patients was less than 6/60, in 20(62.50%) was 6/60-6/18 and in 5(15.62%) patients it was more than 6/18.Clear grafts were obtained in 20(62.5%) of the patients. Therapeutic success was achieved in 29(91%) patients while recurrence of infection occurred in 03(9%) of the patients. Conclusion: This study confirmed that therapeutic penetrating keratoplasty is an effective procedure for the management of microbial keratitis not responding to the medical therapy.

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