Muhammad Javaid Iqbal, Ajmal Yaseen, Sajjid Rasool, Rasul Ahmad Chaudhry.
Comparison of Solid versus Cannulated Interlocking Nail in Fracture of Shaft of Femur in Adults.
Annals Punjab Med Coll Jan ;4(2):155-8.

Objectives: The aim of this study was to compare the outcome of solid versus cannulated interlocking nails as a method of internal fixation in closed femoral shaft fractures in adults.  Study Design: Quasi Experimental.  Place and Duration of Study: Orthopaedic Department Allied Hospital, Faisalabad a teaching hospital affiliated with Punjab medical college, Faisalabad. Duration of study was from Jan 2007 to Dec 2008.  Patient & Methods: The study was based on sixty cases. Thirty cases were included in either group of solid and cannulated intramedullary interlocking nails. The solid interlocking nailing group was designated as group A, the cannulated as group B. The most common cases were road traffic accidents. The average hospital stay was 6 days. The follow up time was 9 months. Results: : In group A we have union time within 3 months in 26(86.66%) patients, delayed union in 3(10%) patients & non union in one patient(3.33°%).Three patients in group B(10%) went into non union, one due to deep infection, onedue to implant failure & breakage of nail & one with no apparent cause. Regarding infection we had superficial infection in one patient of group A & two patients of group B which was corrected with appropriate antibiotics. No case of deep infection occurred in group A but one in group B which went into non union. Regarding implant failure, we had no implant failure in group A & four cases of implant failure in group B with one nail breakage, two  distal locking screw breakage &one proximal locking screw breakage.   Conclusion: The most common cause of femoral shaft fractures is road traffic accident with male adult population affected the most. There was no statistical difference in union & infection in both groups. (p value >0.05).There was significant difference in implant failure in both groups with no patient in group A & four in group B (p value <0.05). So solid interlocking nail is stronger than cannulated one.

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