Muhammad Saeed, Farooq Ahmad Mian.
Use of Autologus Cartilage Grafts in Augmentation Rhinoplasty.
Annals Punjab Med Coll Jan ;4(2):117-21.

Objectives: To study merits and demerits of autologous cartilage grafts used in augmentation rhinoplasty. Design:  Comparative. Setting: Study carried out in the department of ENT Allied Hospital Faisalabad. Period: From June 2005 to June 2010. Material and Methods: The majority of patients were admitted through ENT out patient department. The data was collected on the basis of history, physical examination, investigations, photography,  management and follow up. Results: Total 50 patients 35 males (70%) and 15 females (30%). The majority of patients were from 3rd decade of life (53%). The duration of deformity in majority of patients was with in 2years (73%). Majority of patients were belonging to the lower class (60%). In many of the patients indication for augmentation rhinoplasty was cosmetic (100%). In all patients autologus cartilage graft was used (100%). The etiological factor for saddle deformity in majority of cases was trauma (67%). Overall success rate was 94%.  Conclusion: The autologus cartilage grafts because of their lower rate of infection, rejection, resoropton, extrusion, donor site morbidity, easy reshaping and due to their natural look should be regarded as the graft of choice in augmentation rhinoplasty. 

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