Muhammad Sajid, Ata-ul Lateef, Junaid Misbah, Sajid Rehman.
Veress needle related complications in laparoscopic surgery: our experience.
Annals Punjab Med Coll Jan ;4(1):72-6.

Background: A retrospective analytical, multicenteric study conducted to evaluate closed technique for creating pneumoperitoneum in terms of procedural safety. Methods: 5244 patients undergoing laparoscopic surgery from January 2001 to December 2009 for different indications in which pneumoperitoneum was created using closed technique by veress needle. Evaluation of results was done by analyzining the data in SPSS V-17. Results: Only 31 (0.6% ) patients developed complications like small bowel injury(0.04%),liver injury(0.02%),omental vascular injury(0.13%), omental emphysema(0.19%) and extra peritoneal emphysema(0.2%) while using the closed method for primary access. Only one patient required major intervention while all the rest were managed by simple measure laparoscopically. Conclusion: closed technique using veress needle for creating pneumoperitoneum is as safe as Hasson’s technique and no method has advantage over the other.

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