Muhammad Javed, Mehnaz Munir Ahmed, Fatima Ghayas Siddiqi.
The Emerging Burden of Rickets: Impact of High Rise Buildings in Karachi.
Annals Punjab Med Coll Jun ;3(1):32-5.

Objectives: Study the impact of high rise Buildings, as a contributory factor toward nutritional rickets in preschool children. Study Design: Prospective descriptive study. Method: Children visiting Hamdard College of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics were screened for Rickets, by history and clinical examination, supplemented by Blood and Radiological Examination of the Left Wrist joint. All confirm cases of Nutritional rickets were enrolled. Children living in apartments (High rise buildings) were studied and results compared with children living in own open houses each), and skull (6.8%).  No lesion was noted in Total number of case seen in outpatient Department of Pediatrics, Hamdard College of Medicine by consultants during the study period 14600    approximately    Total  numbers   of  cases studied with rickets were 54 / 14600 (1.054%)  Total number of Children living in Apartments (High rise Buildings) =98 /154. (63.632%) Numbers of Children living in open houses were 56 /154(36.363 %) Number of children Exclusive breast feed for six months with rickets was 106 /154 (68.83%) Number of Children with supplement of Vitamins and Iron from  the age of 8 weeks were/ 154 (20 %) Numbers of normal weight children with rickets were 134 / 155 (87.01%) Conclusion: Children living in high rise buildings in Karachi are not exposed to sunlight due to our cultural and they require additional ‘and needs Vitamin D supplements.  

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