Roohulla, Burdey G M, Javaid Irfanullah, Hamdani SRH, Kamran S, Khursheed A K, Sabahat Javaid Butt, Muhammad Tayyab.
A study of 166 plus 80 patients: CA breast treatment complications in Cenar Quetta and IRNUM Peshawar during 4 years from 1991 to 1994.
Biomedica Jan ;19:26-31.

A retrospective study for treatment complications of 166 patients of Carcinoma Breast was carried out from 1st January 1991 to 31st December 1994 in the Centre for Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy (CENAR), Quetta. During this period 2742 new cases of cancer were registered. Cancer of Breast constituted 623 (22.72%) of all. It was noted that this cancer was fourth most common cancer registered in this centre and was the most common cancer in female. 166 patients come for follow up regularly for 5 years after completion of treatment. In these female to male ratio was, 9.37:1. During this period of follow up, the treatment complications were noted in these patients to highlight the subject and to recommend the factors helpful to avoid the complication and management of these complications. During this period, the same study of 80 patients was carried out in IRNUM Peshawar for the same purpose.

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