Maria Khan, Fatima Zahra, Zufishan Batool, Shifa Basharat, Shazia Tariq, Tahir Ghafoor.
Resistance to fluoroquinolones among multidrug resistant escherichia coli from urinary tract specimens of diabetic patients.
J Med Sci May ;27(3):175-80.

Objective: To analyze bacterial susceptibility of Escherichia coli isolated from urine samples of hospitalized diabetic patients to fluoroquinolones. Material and Methods: A total of four hundred and ten (410) isolates of Escherichia coli were studied from May-October 2018 at two teaching hospitals of Peshawar. Urine samples from Diabetic patients were generally enlist from internal medicine, surgical wards and intensive care divisions. Primary susceptibility testing was performed in accordance with Clinical and Laboratory Standard Institute (CLSI) guidelines. Results were interpreted as norfloxacin resistant if zone diameter is <= 12 mm andciprofloxacin resistant for zone diameter <= 15 mm. Results: Out of 410 isolates of Escherichia coli, 373(91%) were fluoroquinolones resistant and 37(9%) were fluoroquinolones sensitive. Conclusions: Fluoroquinolones resistance in Escherichia coli causing UTI is prevalent in our setup due to irrational useof antibiotics. Appropriate antibiotic management strategies are needed to curtail the spread of this form of resistance.

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