Adeela Arif, Heem Afzal M Faheem, Tasneem Shahzadi, Fouzia Nawaz, Imran Amjad.
Effects of Myofascial Trigger Point Release in Plantar Fasciitis for Pain Management.
J Med Sci May ;26(2):128-31.

Objective: To determine the effect of myofascial trigger point release of the plantar fascia and calf muscles in patients with plantar fasciitis for pain management. Material and Methods: It was Quasi experimental study on 42 diagnosed plantar fasciitis patients (13 male and 29 female) with age more than 20 years. It was conducted in Private Physiotherapy clinic in Gujrat, Pakistan,from December 2016 to May 2017.. The patients were given 03 sessions per week of myofascial trigger point release of calf muscles and the plantar fascia for 4 weeks. Plantar fasciitis pain scale questionnaire was used to measure the results of pre and post intervention. The paired T-test was used to determine the significance of treatment. Results: The mean age for diagnosed planter fasciitis patients was 31.40±7.46. The intensity of pain significantly reduced after the treatment in walking (2.35±0.79 vs. 1.35±0.65, p=0.0001). The intensity of pain during standing on bare foot was also improved (1.23 ±1.07 vs. 0.61 ±0.66, p=0.53) as well as during stairs climbing (2.28±0.77 vs. 1.07±0.68, p=0.004) Conclusion: Myofascial trigger point technique was seen effective in relation to improve pain in patients of plantar fasciitis.

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