Um-e Rubab Shirazi, Hannah Abdul Majeed, Sobia Masood Tirmizi.
Assessment of confidence level amongst undergraduate dental students in performing various restorative procedures.
Pak Oral Dental J Jan ;39(3):293-7.

This study was done to assess the confidence level of final year undergraduate dental student in terms of their perception at diagnosis of different types of carious lesion, incipient caries, arrested caries, interpretation of radiograph, applying pit and fissure sealants, PRR, use of Mylar strip, and applying rubber dam. This subjective cross-sectional study was conducted at CMH Institute of Dentistry. An anonymous questionnaire was distributed among final year dental students. The questionnaire utilized scaled response to determine the level of confidence for diagnosing various carious lesions, rubber dam application, PRR, applying pit and fissure sealants, use of Mylar strip ,performing endodontic treatment .Confidence level was categorized using a 3 point modified Likert’s scale as 1=not at all confident, 2=neutral 3=confident. Data were entered and analyzed in SPSS version 20. Counts and percentages were measured for various parameters of respondent’s confidence level. The students expressed their confidence in performing basic dental and restorative procedures however low confidence level was expressed in students in performing endodontic treatment in anterior and posterior teeth.

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