Ayesha Bibi, Rabia Anwer, Amir Shahzad, Rashida Hilal, Abida, Amina Sibghat.
Comparison of number of cusps in permanent mandibular first molars in different ethnic groups of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Pak Oral Dental J Jan ;39(2):137-9.

Human teeth of both permanent and deciduous dentitions may show variations in morphological features. The aim of the present study was to determine and compare the number of cusps on permanent mandibular first molars in three ethnic groups’ i.e Swatis, Gujars and Jadoons. The sample size was 240 (80 volunteer students from each ethnic group) aged 12-21 years. They were selected by random sampling method. The study casts were made from their alginate impressions and cusps numbers were determined. The results showed highest percentage of 5 numbers of cusps on permanent mandibular first molars in all three groups. Four and six numbers of cusps were also present in some casts. There was no significant difference observed between these three groups.

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