Huma Iqbal, Nouman Noor, Sundus Aftab, Muhammad Tufail, Manzoor Ahmad.
Experience of post cementation hypersensitivity: a KAP study done on dentists & faculty in Rawalpindi Islamabad.
Pak Oral Dental J Jan ;38(4):519-22.

Fixed partial denture is the most commonly used treatment modality for replacing the missing teeth. Fixed partial denture involves vital teeth as abutment for retainers, involving preparation of all tooth surfaces. Post cementation hypersensitivity is a common complaint among patients receiving fixed partial denture on vital teeth. The purpose of the study was to explore the knowledge on Post-cementation hypersensitivity and determining preventive factors among 100 Postgraduate trainee and dental faculty in dental colleges of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Pakistan. A cross sectional study was done in April 2018. The questions regarding occurrence and various protective measures regarding post cementation hypersensitivity were asked. In this study hypersensitivity occurred in 46% of cases after cementation. The dentists reported that in their experience the amount of tooth reduction (88.0%) was the most important preventive factor followed by occlusion. It was shown that choice of core material (76.1% versus 50.0%) was significantly associated with post cementation hypersensitivity (p-value, 0.01). It was concluded that frequency of hypersensitivity was very high in the study and in dentists opinion amount of tooth reduction is most important preventive factor.

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