Farooq Ahmad Chaudhary, Danial Qasim Butt, Naveed Mazhar Bhatti, Danial Khalid, Aamir Rafiq, Zuleikha Malik.
Intensity of wilm\'s tumor (WT1) immunomarker in oral squamous cell carcinoma.
Pak Oral Dental J Jan ;38(4):432-5.

In oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC), the nests of tumor cells infilterate the underlying connective tissue of the oral squamous cell epithelium with increasing nuclear mitotic activity. In this study we are determining the role of tumor cells proliferation by evaluating the intensity of WT1 marker in OSCC. Nuclear intensity of Wilm’s tumor 1 (WT1) immunomarker was analyzed on sixty eight cases of well differentiated oral squamous cell carcinoma (WD-OSCC), twenty one cases of moderately differentiated oral squamous cell carcinoma (MD-OSCC) and eleven cases of poorly differentiated oral squamous cell carcinoma (PD-OSCC). Thirty seven percent (37 cases) of the cells showed 0 reactivity, thirty seven percent (37 cases) showed 1+ reactivity, twenty two percent (22 cases) showed 2+ reactivity, four percent (4 cases) showed 3+ reactivity. Seventy nine percent (54 cases) of positivity in WD-OSCC (68 cases), nineteen percent (4 cases) positivity in MD-OSCC (21 cases) and forty five percent (5 cases) positivity in PD-OSCC (11 cases). P value 0.024 significantly correlated with the histological grades of OSCC and tumor cell proliferation. The nuclear staining suggested the role of WT1 in cancer nests proliferation suggesting its oncogenic role in oral squamous cell carcinoma.

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