Afifa Razi, Sidra Mohiuddin, Atiya Abdul Karim, Atif Iqbal.
Vitamin D as an adjuvant therapy to cure oral lichen planus in peri-menopausal women.
Pak Oral Dental J Jan ;38(4):399-403.

The purpose of this study is to investigate Vitamin D supplementation as an adjunctive method in curing the progression of lichen planus among peri-menopausal women. A randomized clinical trial was performed on peri-menopausal women falling in Department of Oral Medicine & Diagnosis , Ziauddin University from January 2018-September 2018. Diagnosed clinically with sub-type of Oral Lichen Planus and serum 25(OH) Vitamin D levels below30ng/ml and aged bracket between 35-45 years were included. A flip coin method was used to allocate study participants in two groups: one group receiving conventional therapy and other group supplemented with vitamin D and conventional therapy altogether. Pain intensity assessed on Visual analogue scale and lesion characteristics assessed as sub-site score were recorded for all study participants at baseline, week 1 and week 4 of follow up. Paired-sample t-test was applied to measure difference in pain intensity and sub site scores at week 1 and week 4 of the therapy. The level of significance was considered to be less than 0.05. Pain scores were recorded between week 1 and week 4 for standard therapy with a pain intensity score of 5.04±2.20 and 1.80±0.40, p value less than 0.001. Subjects in group 2 shows improvement in clinical appearance of lesion between week 1 (1.80±0.40) and week 4 (0.80±0.40), p-value less than 0.001. Vitamin D deficiency is mostly common in peri menopausal women and is associated with Oral Lichen Planus cases, thus showing its relationship.

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