Nazim Uddin Azam Khan, Mohammad Hafizullah.
Amiodarone and thyroid function tests.
J Postgrad Med Inst Jan ;15(1):14-7.

The use of amiodarone is becoming more common as it has proven to be a very effective antiarrhythmic agent in ventricular and supraventricular arrhythmias as well as in atrial fibrillation. Its use after myocardial infarction reduces the incidence of complex ventricular ectopy and death from cardiac causes and has shown to improve survival in patients with congestive heart failure. Adverse effects are related to the daily dose and duration of treatment. They include corneal microdeposits, photosensitivity, cutaneous hypopigmentation, pulmonary toxicity, hepatotoxicity, peripheral neuropathy and hyper/hypothyroidism. This is an Editorial.

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