Isteraj Shahabi, Abdullah Jan, Iftikhar Ahmad, Aziz Khan.
Surgical approaches used for the excision of Angiofibroma.
J Postgrad Med Inst Jan ;15(1):46-50.

A retrospective study of 36 patients of Angiofibroma was carried out at ENT "A" unit of Khyber Teaching Hospital, Peshawar over a period of 5 years from July 1996 to June 2001. All the patients were male with age range form 09-18 years and mean age of 14 years. The main presenting features included recurrent bouts of unilateral epistaxis and nasal obstruction. Apart from conventional X-ray of the sinuses and nasopharynx CT scan was done in every patient to determine all possible extensions of the tumour and like wise in selecting a proper surgical approach. The most commonly employed surgical approach was the transpalatine one which was used in total of 30 patients (83%). In 18 cases it was used as a single approach while in the remaining 12 it was coupled with other approaches i.e. with sublabial approach in 08 cases and lateral rhinotomy in 04 cases. The later approach was use as a single approach in 04 cases while the transmaxillary approach in 02 cases. On the average 3 units of blood was transfused per patient intraoperatively. No major morbidity and mortality was observed. Combination of transpalatine and sublabial approach have been found better for ablation of the tumour involving nasal, nasopharyngeal and cheek regions. As follow up over all recurrence rate of the tumour was found out to be 19.4%.

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