Hifza Idrees, Saud Bin Saeed, Hammad Haider.
Comparison of Sustained Viral Response with Sofosbuvir Plus Ribavirin and Sofosbuvir Plus Daclatasvir.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;12(3):1120-2.

Background: Among different trails studies, the sustained viral responses (SVR) at 12 weeks of post treatments usually named as SVR12 were achieved more that 90% with different drug combinations while applying the treatment. But the concomitant medical and health conditions to advanced liver disease can affect adversely to the (SVR) response that may leads to a complicated interpretations. Aim: To compare the sustained viral response with SOF+DCV and SOF+RBV in patients with advanced liver disease /HCV. Methods: The study design opted for the present research was observational prospective cohort where the patients with HCV were assessed or evaluated for the sustained viral response after treating with two treatment regimens. The first treatment includes, SOF+RBV whereas the 2nd regimen or treatment was SOF+DCV. The exclusion criteria include all the patients with renal or cardiac disease, patients below 18 years of age whereas all the patients with chronic HCV infection were included in this study. Results: A total of 100 patients were recruited for this study. Both the group contains 50 HCV patients each where Group A was treated with SOF+DCV and group 2 was treated with SOF+RBV. The median age for the HCV patients was 53 years. 70% were males and 30% were females. Across the baseline the SVR12 results were comparable for both groups after omitting non virological failure. Overall 92% SVR12 was achieved in patients with genotype 1a, 86% with genotype 1b, 50% with genotype 2, 85% in genotype 3 and almost all patients with genotype 4. Also the response rates were reported high regardless of cirrhosis status of the patients with low counts of platelets or albumin levels. 91% SVR12 achieved with treatment SOF+DCV whereas it was achieved 85% with SOF+RBV. Conclusion: We may concluded in our study both the treatment options has achieved a consider SVR12 rate in patients with advanced liver disease with only the difference of duration applied. Some findings strongly supports the treatment of SOF+DCV upon the other applied treatment.

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