Taufiq Ahmad Mufti, Abdul Basir.
Serum cholesterol in relation with Vitamin `A` in cancer patients.
J Postgrad Med Inst Jan ;15(1):75-8.

Fifty biopsy proven cancer cases were studied after excluding liver and kidney disorders for changes in lipid metabolism with special reference to fasting serum cholesterol, and its relation to retinol and B-carotene. Pretreatment cholesterol was measured to be 172.92 mg/dl, as compared with control 213.86 mg/dl, where as retinol was 25.37 ug/dl and beta-carotene was 37.96 ug/dl as compared with control 39.9 ug/dl and 54.3 ug/dl respectively. (Inverse relationship of serum cholesterol to mortality from cancer has been observed in many types of cancers. Cancer rates have been found to be highest amongst persons with the lowest levels of serum retinol. We have tried to find out the relationship between cholesterol and Vitamin A).

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