Mohammad Sharif, Javed Zaman, Naveed Yousaf, Kamran Iqbal.
Diathermy Tonsillectomy versus conventional Dissection Tonsillectomy.
J Postgrad Med Inst Jan ;15(1):84-90.

This study compares the conventional method of tonsillectomy, the dissection snare method with that of the newer procedure, bipolar electrodissection method. We studied 200 cases in two groups, hundred in each. In the first group the patients underwent tonsillectomy by dissection-snare method and in the second by electrodissection method. The results of the two groups were studied regarding the time taken in the procedure, blood loss during the procedure, postoperative analgesia required, reactionary hemorrhage, postoperative diet toleration and secondary hemorrhage. Regarding the postoperative diet taken and reactionary haemorrhage the bipolar method is better, but there is no significant difference regarding the postoperative analgesia, postoperative pain and secondary hemorrhage. We concluded that bipolar electrodissection method is the superior method regarding the time taken during the procedure, the intra operative blood loss was lower and there was no need of ties (ligating the bleeding vessels) in the diathermy method.

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