Shahab Ud Din, Shahid Hussain, Sikandar Hayat.
Management of Kienbock Disease by radial shortening.
J Postgrad Med Inst Jan ;15(1):98-101.

Kienbock`s disease is a vascular necrosis of the carpal lunate, which is first described by Robert Kienbock. Litchman classified this disease in four stages. All the stages need surgical intervention except acute phase of the disease. Statistically kienbock`s disease has relation with negative ulnar variance. In this study ten patients, (5 patients of stage II and III each) all were negative ulnar variance. All were treated with radial shorting. All patients improved wrist pain (78%), range of movements improved (88%), grip strength (75%) and radio logically (80%). I recommend radial shorting procedure for stage II and III patients.

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