Saima Gillani.
Analysis of labors complicated by persistent Occipito Posterior position.
J Postgrad Med Inst Jan ;15(1):102-7.

In a prospective study fifty-five cases of labors complicated by persistent occipito posterior position were identified among 2170 deliveries at the Gynae Unit B Hayat Shaheed Teaching Hospital in 1996. In 24(43.63%) cases persistent occipito posterior position complicated labours in primigravida and in 50(90%) cases pregnancy was between 36-40 weeks. Common associated obstetric problem were small maternal pelvis, fetal macrosomia, PROM, previous caesarean section, cord around neck and twins. 45(81.18%) cases were nonbooked and 37(56.35%) cases had a prolong labour. 31(56.46%) cases had Instrumental delivery, and caesarean section was done in 13(23.63%) cases Maternal morbidity was 34% and mortality was 1.8%.

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