Suha Zubairi, Hassan Mirza, Aisha Qamar.
Association Between Delayed Diagnosis of Breast Cancer and its Degree of Invasiveness among the patients in Tertiary Care Hospital of Karachi.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll Jun ;10(1):63-7.

Objective: To find the association between delayed diagnosis of breast cancer over the degree of invasiveness for each of the immune-histochmically defined molecular type of invasive ductal carcinoma among the patient in tertiary care hospital of Karachi. Study Design and Setting: A cross sectional study was conducted on 153 post mastectomy patients in a time frame of two years at Bait-ul-Sukoon Hospital who had their immunohistochemistry workup. Methodology: The patients included in the research were diagnosed cases of breast cancer; had post-mastectomy with their histopathological and immunochemistry status work up reports. In addition to demographic variables; the histopathological report of specimen, histological tumor type and grade, invasive tumor size, axillary lymph node status, Pagets disease and stage of the disease were recorded from the histopathological report however ER, PR and Her 2 neu receptor statuses were confirmed via immunochemistry report. Volume of the tumor was calculated using the following formula V = (W2 +- L)/2 Convenient sampling was applied and the data was analyzed on SPSS 20.0 with CI-95% and P=0.05. Results- All 153 patients reported because of unpleasant symptoms.47.1% of the participants presented with LT while the remaining 52.9% were grouped as NLT. The association of molecular type with stage at mastectomy was statistically significant (P=0.015) in the ERG. Her-2 enriched variant shows that there was a moderate positive statistically significant relationship between log of total delay and log of tumor volume +2. Conclusion: Delay in diagnosis due to lack of screening modalities, lesser awareness among low socioeconomic groups and inaccessibility to tertiary care were not the major causes of aggressive tumors at diagnosis in developing countries, instead all the major known risk factors influence to the tumor burden collectively .

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