Muhammad Yaqoob, Sajid Rehman Randhawa, Muhammad Akram, Sofia Irfan, Bashir Ahmad, Muhammad Sajid.
Audit of Trauma Presenting in Surgical Emergency Allied Hospital Faisalabad.
Annals Punjab Med Coll Jan ;13(3):201-5.

Background: Trauma is study of medical problems associated with physical injury. There are different causes of trauma including road traffic accidents, burns, fight and violence, animal bites, machine injuries, fall from heights and other objects etc. Trauma is on rise day by day due to increase in population, vehicles, intolerance and industrialization. Trauma contributes more than 50 % workload of surgical emergency and most of trauma is due to preventable causes. Objective: The objective of this study is to highlight the burden of trauma in surgical emergency and to discuss main causes of trauma. Study Design: Prospective descriptive study. Settings: Surgical Emergency Allied Hospital, Faisalabad Pakistan. Duration: 01-08-2017 to 31-10- 2017. Methodology: A pre-organized data sheet was prepared for each patient admitted in surgical emergency Allied Hospital Faisalabad with history of trauma. The record of patient, date of admission and mechanism of trauma were noted. This data was segregated into different groups according to cause of trauma. Results: Total number of patients admitted in surgical emergency Allied Hospital Faisalabad from 01-08-2017 to 31-10-2017 was 22320. Out of these 13860 patients were admitted due to trauma which accounts 62% of total admission. The mean age of patients admitted with trauma was 27.2 years with minimum age 9 months, and maximum age 61 years. Most of patients were young between ages of 15 years to 46 years. Male were affected more than female with ratio of 8:1. Commonest type of trauma was RTA 59.6 % followed by trauma due to fall 18%. Conclusion: Major work load in surgical emergency is due to trauma accounting for 62% of total admissions. Road traffic accidents are commonest form of trauma which is avoidable and preventable most of times. Motorcycle accidents are most common cause of road traffic accident.

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